How People Can Support Free Medical Flight Services According to Marco Bitran

The Importance of Free Medical Flights

Frequently, the best medical care for a patient’s needs is not available in their local area. This is especially true of patients who live in rural and underserved areas with a lack of quality doctors and hospitals. These patients can sometimes access the care they need, lowering their quality of life and perhaps endangering them.

How Patients Qualify for Free Medical Flights

Pilots donate their time, money, and the use of their aircraft to these programs. This means that patients are most frequently flown in small, four- to six-seater planes that cannot accommodate stretchers. Patients need to be ambulatory, able to board small aircraft with little assistance and sit upright in a standard airplane seat for the duration of the flight. Many services welcome children, who need to be properly restrained if over the age of two. Flights are non-pressurized.

Marco is recognized for a recent Angel Flight

Angel Flight NorthEast publishes a Thankful Thursday newsletter. In a recent newsletter, Angel Flight recognized Marco Bitran for his recent flight.

Since this passenger’s first request in 2016, Angel Flight has scheduled 30 flights in total with the assistance so she can access life-saving medical care!



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Marco Bitran

Marco Bitran

Real Estate Executive located in Boston, MA. Active athlete — running, cycling, & swimming.