Marco Bitran Discusses The Steps to Becoming a Pilot in Boston, MA

Test Out Some Pilot Training Programs

If you have been planning to become a private pilot for a long time now, then it is about time to take action. There are different aviation schools available in the country which provide quality training programs. Many airlines have their flight schools as well. This means that if you graduate from one of those schools, you will be able to work with the airline directly after missing out on a short period of flying.

Prepare Well For The Private Pilot Knowledge Exam

Whether this is your first time taking exams or not, we recommend that you prepare well before applying for the FAA knowledge exam. Marco Bitran understands that it is more than just an intimidating test where only someone who has done enough studying could pass. You can find numerous study guides online designed for this purpose. You can also apply to any of the several FAA preparatory programs offered by local flight schools.

Get Medical Clearance

Before going into the physical exam, there are a few things that you have to follow. First is the requirement of a first-class medical certificate. This means you have to go to different practitioners for the required medical examinations before submitting your application to the FAA

Find the Right School

If you plan to become a pilot, you need to make sure that you choose the right school in Massachusetts. Marco Bitran knows that many airlines have their flight schools where they hire their pilots directly after completing the program provided by the school. This means that no school will do as getting hired becomes quite difficult without good relations with at least one airline company.

Training For The Private Pilot Practical Exam

Once you are confident enough with the FAA knowledge exam results, it is time to take some ground lessons with your private pilot instructor. Marco Bitran feels that most students struggle with time management since there are many private pilot ground training requirements before taking the practice exams.

Training For The Private Pilot Practical Test

There are two different types of FAA checks intended for private pilots that you must consider before applying them on their job boards. These are the check-ride and practical tests that must be taken quarterly or semiannually, depending upon or

Pass The Written Exam For Private Pilots

Many students have been asking how to become a pilot in Boston, Massachusetts. In general, you must follow the steps written above. Do not expect yourself to pass the FAA knowledge exam without taking your time and efforts to research what it takes to become a private pilot.

Apply for A Student License

After finishing the training program you have chosen, you will finally be ready to apply for a student pilot’s license. You need to pass the FAA’s written exam and complete a check ride with an experienced instructor to get this permit.

Practical Training For First Solo Flight

After getting your student pilot’s license, you will need to complete more hours of flying time with your instructor until you are ready for takeoff. At this point, it is important that you carefully follow the lessons being taught by your instructor so that you can fly solo without any issues.

Get Your Full Licence

Finish the required hours, and you will be ready for your full pilot’s license. When you pass the check-ride and get your FAA private pilot’s license, remember to use it wisely so that you can start earning great money.

The Cost of Getting Your License

When we talk about becoming a pilot, there is one thing that can be quite expensive. The truth is that airline companies do not hire small-scale planes because these are more difficult to control when compared to bigger ones.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the steps to become a pilot in Boston, Massachusetts. Hopefully, this was helpful knowledge for your upcoming exam. The truth is that even if you follow these steps literally, it can still take up to four or five years before an airline company hires you.



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