Marco Bitran Explains: Why Is Affordable Housing Necessary In Today’s Housing Market?

What We are Doing

Marco and his company are working with Madison Park, a local Community Development Corporation, to develop 65 affordable units on Warren Street, in Roxbury Massachusetts. If the project goes forward, it will offer approximately 21 affordable home ownership units, along with 44 affordable rental units. All of the rental units may be offered at the 60% AMI (Area Median Income) level. This development project is in conjunction with the Urban League or Eastern Massachusetts, who will receive new offices as part of this new construction.

Everyone Needs a Place to Call Home

We all know that a roof over our heads is a basic necessity for human beings. A home provides us with a sense of stability and security and is a place where we can raise our families and build our lives.

Stability for Families and Individuals

When people have access to affordable housing, it takes a weight off their shoulders and focuses on other important things in their lives, such as getting an education or working a job. Children who live in affordable housing are more likely to do well in school and have better health outcomes than their parents.

Helping the Economy

The lack of affordable housing hurts people individually and has a negative impact on the economy as a whole. When people cannot afford to live in a city, they often have to move to a different area, which decreases economic activity in the city — promotes social division, political instability, and stunts economic growth.

Community Cohesion

A strong community is inclusive and has various people from different backgrounds. Usually, this is only possible when people can afford to live in the same area. When housing is unaffordable, it creates segregated and unequal communities, leading to social tension and conflict, which can have long-term effects.

No More Homeless People

It is always heartbreaking to see people living on the streets, especially when so many empty houses and apartments. This is a symptom of the more significant issue of homelessness, but with affordable housing, none of that would be necessary.



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Marco Bitran

Marco Bitran

Real Estate Executive located in Boston, MA. Active athlete — running, cycling, & swimming.